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Students at LICS travel to a number of destinations, both within Zambia and internationally. In addition to class day trips, we offer a number of residentials. They are on a gradual scale, designed to build your child’s confidence each time, from their first local overnight trip in Year 3, to a two- week tour in Europe for our Year 11 and 13 students.

Each of our trips has an educational purpose. We have developed our LICS Values to reflect the school mission statement, ensuring our students progress towards becoming “Future Global Citizens”. By the time your child finishes their education at LICS, it is our hope that they have achieved all of the LICS Values, aiding them in a rounded education.

LICS Values


A student learns to take on a role where they are making decisions and guiding others. This could be in pairs, small groups or on a larger scale. They take responsibility for a task or number of tasks and are able to respond to feedback and suggestion effectively.


A student learns about other cultures, beliefs, environments and traditions and is willing to interact and cooperate with others that may not share the same backgrounds or values as their own.


A student is placed in a situation where they are taken out of their comfort zone and respond positively, with integrity. This may be an adventurous physical challenge or a philosophical one.


A student is given the opportunity to help others either in their local community or in a wider setting. This could also be helping the environment and considering global climate change as well as individuals or groups of people.

Once your child has achieved a particular ’LICS value’ they will receive an award to signify this achievement. Going on a trip is only part of this award and they can work towards it in other ways through their enrichment program.

In addition, LICS provides opportunities for your child to participate in the Duke of Edinburgh International Award . This is an internationally recognised qualification for students aged 14+ and is offered at Bronze (Year 9) Silver (Year 10) and Gold (6th form) levels.

For further information on our trips and enrichment program, please download our trips booklet and trips calendar.

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